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Regional Annual Recreation Pass - 14 Greater Victoria Centres

This exciting initiative allows individuals to purchase an annual pass from one recreation centre that is valid for drop-in fitness activities at 14 other municipally operated recreation centes in the Victoria (and Sooke) area.

This project is an effort to provide a wider and more convenient service for people wanting to access recreation in their daily lives. Traditionally, those who declined to purchase memberships at one recreation centre because of their proximity to facilities may now consider the option given that they will be free to participate even during working hours and far away from their own local recreation centre. This program is aimed at families and commuters to provide greater flexibility to enjoy different facilities and participate in fitness at locations and times that are convenient.

  • Click Here - [PDF 413KB] to download the Annual Regional Recreation Pass brochure

Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I use the pass?

A. You can use the pass at the following recreation Centres

  • Archie Browning Sports Centre
  • Cedar Hill Recreation Centre
  • Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre
  • Esquimalt Recreation Centre
  • Greenglade Community Centre
  • Gordon Head Recreation Centre
  • Henderson Recreation Centre
  • Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre
  • Oak Bay Recreation Centre
  • Panorama Recreation Centre
  • Pearkes Recreation Centre
  • Saanich Commonwealth Place
  • Save on Foods Memorial Arena
  • SEAPARC Leisure Complex


Q. What Activities are included?

A. Activities include swimming, skating, weight room, land aerobics, aquafit classes. Some departments include such activities as basketball, badminton and yoga. Schedules will vary and we advise that you check with individual facilities for details.

Q. How do I upgrade my current pass?

A. Those who wish to upgrade their existing pass will be reimbursed for the pass they own (on a pro-rated basis) and the credit applied to the new pass. For instance, if you purchased a six month pass for $150 and you want to upgrade the pass (with five months remaining) you would be credited $125 towards the purchase of the new regional pass. However to upgrade a pass you must do so at the facility where the pass was originally purchased.